DO-RA(Intersoft Eurasia:Vladimir Elin)がαβγを検出し核種同定できる半導体「DoRaSi」を開発したんだって

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DO-RAプロジェクトを進めているロシアのIntersoft Eurasia。その代表者、Vladimir Elin氏が快気炎をあげています。α、β、γ線が検出可能で、しかも、核種同定までできるシリコン半導体「DoRaSi」を開発したというのです。

プレスリリースのタイトルは「Russian inventor will present the "killer" of Geiger-Muller meter」。クリミアを手にした勢いそのまま、血気盛んです。

Moscow, April 13 - 16, 2014. Dr. Vladimir Elin, a Russian inventor, will show DoRaSi silicone detector of ionizing radiation. OJSC Intersoft Euasia as the operator of DO-RA project raised funds from Skolkovo Fund and CJSC Smart Logistic Group in total amount of USD 1 million.

The main function of DoRaSi sensor is recording ionizing radiation by transforming it to electric signal in the silicone wafer. The second function is determination of radiation type. Therefore, DoRaSi sensor enables to determine the isotope (uranium, caesium or iodine) creating the dangerous ionizing radiation.

If compared with the well-known Geiger-Muller meter, DoRaSi silicone sensor has the following features:

• It is able to register virtually any ionizing radiation - even alpha radiation, rather than gamma and hard gamma rays;

• Small size (up to 0.05 cm3) - the Geiger-Muller sensor of the same effectiveness of recording has 100 times the size of the silicone sensor;

• Lower energy consumption: nanoampere current at up to 100 V voltage (350 - 450 V for the Geiger-Muller sensor)

• Low cost, since the sensor is manufactured with the use of the world-proven microelectronic technologies.

DoRaSi silicone sensor for recording ionizing radiation will be in demand for consumer measurements, monitoring radiation safety at nuclear power stations, in radiation medicine (fluorography, dentistry, etc.), as well as for monitoring hidden transportation of nuclear materials in luggage and control of radiation safety.

Infinity Telekom from the Republic of Korea supplying engineering solutions to the largest manufacturers of smart phones that has its own global distribution network has shown an interest in DO-RA project.

It is proposed to agree manufacturing and supply of DO-RA products based on DoRaSi sensors as peripherals, as well as DO-RA.micro smart sensors for integration with smart phones and computers.

[ソース]Intersoft Eurasia:Russian inventor will present the "killer" of Geiger-Muller meter

А это первые сенсоры (Si) радиации: Альфа, Бета, Гамма в компактном исполнении: 15х15х3мм для новых устройств ДО-РА!

(英訳)And this is the first sensors (Si) radiation: Alpha, Beta, Gamma in a compact design: 15h15h3mm for new devices-RA!


dorasi_002.jpg dorasi_003.jpg

さて、Intersoft EurasiaはSkolkovo FundやCJSC Smart Logistic Groupから投資を受けているベンチャー企業でして、投資額の合計は100万ドルに達していると言います。まだまだ投資はほしいところでしょう。少々なら荒っぽいことをすることも厭いません。






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