Love letters to five manufacturers producing radiation detectors(dosimeters)

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Some say the beauty of a product is something additional. But is it really so? I believe that the beauty is as important factor as the performance.

"It's cool, so I want to try it."
"It's fun, so I want to keep on using it."

This should also apply to the radiation detectors (dosimeters).

There are five manufacturers that produce beautiful radiation detectors (dosimeters). But unfortunately they have not appeared in a Japanese market yet. So I will write love letters to them although I don't know if these letters reach to them:)


Dear Intersoft Eurasia,

I often visit your website and I'm concerining about your situations. You seem to have a difficult voyage on producing DO-RA.

How about factories in Shenzhen? How about a partnership in Japan with HONDA Electronics and NISSO BOEKI? Many Japanese people are looking forward to DO-RA.uni.


Dear International Medcom Inc,

Safecast x IMI geigercounter has already been sent to customers. Its commercial version "Onyx" was supposed to be distributed in Amazon.com but it is not yet happening as far as I know.

Onyx is not just a "beautiful figure" but what should also be applaused is its design concept. I remember that the first time when I touched the prototype version, I was so excited. I would love to let many Japanese people feel the same excitment.



Quantum is now available on your site and webshops in Russia. But I have not heard any report from users who bought the product or are using it, why?

To be honest, Defender is not good but "Quantum" has already expected highly by Japanese manias. Please be confident for bringing it to a Japanese market.



We Japanese are proud of making products. SMG 2 is so tremendous to lose our confident.

The sleek body as a cell phone and Nokia control joystick are very cool. I really believe that this will storm the Japanese market if it is reasonable price.


Dear Mirion Tecnologies (MGP),

I touched PDS-GO and this is the photo at the time. High sensitivity, dual-display, multifunction, comfort and beauty -everything is in this tiny body. It is just the beautility.

I would like you to kick the Japanese users who have cheesy Japanese prodcuts and punch the manufacturers in Japan who make stupid products.




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